Where Am I Now?

Posted: June 6, 2022 in real life, writing
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Where am I now? Not dead, for one.

But more importantly, where am I with my writing plan and goals? This is an author blog, after all (or so I tell myself between sappy, self-indulgent posts). As you may recall, this was the agenda:

  • Get to the next milestone in the new story
  • Outline the restructure of the rewrite novel
  • Restructure the rewrite novel and write new scenes
  • While rewrite novel cools, edit fan fiction novel
  • Post fan fiction novel
  • Edit rewrite novel
  • Return to new story

Shockingly, despite all the efforts of my mind and body to derail me, I am currently working the third/fourth bullets.

I am in the midst of restructuring my rewrite novel, marching through the new outline, rewriting scenes, and adding new pieces as I go. And I am actually loving the work. The book is taking a new shape that I don’t hate, and I am enjoying being back in that world. I remain a touch salty about abandoning my initial vision, but I am making my peace as I see the potential in what it is becoming.

I also sent the fan fiction novel to an editor. I have it back now, so I just need to prep it to release here on this blog. I have an artist friend (anyone who follows me closely knows who) who might contribute some creepy visions to accompany the words. I believe my plan is to release it serially by chapter. Perhaps one per week. It might be more apt to wait until horror season or when the franchise releases another movie but… fuck it. This is a passion project, so it’s about me.

I feel good. I feel like I am regaining my stride, nothing like before this slump (crash/burn/near abandonment of the writing I’ve done since I could hold a pencil). However, I have accepted that I do not need to always be that vicious with my time. The pandemic changed my perspectives (a little) on time management, balance, and being busy.

My marketing and promotion has gone to shit though. Aside from trying to recapture my joy and there being no joy there and trying to find new avenues post-COVID, mostly I am lost in the algorithm-laden bullshit of social media. It is inordinately challenging to connect with people now, even more difficult to get traffic on posts without paying. It’s all content into the abyss. And I have not landed on an alternative yet. I have been spending so much time trying to rekindle my drive that I have not been able to cast a glance in that direction.

Problems for another day.

I am looking forward to having produced something to release into the world. Without the traditional publication process and formal requirements just makes it easier. I am looking forward to reshaping my rewrite novel and hopefully creating something better so I can find a home for it. Then I can return to my WIP novel and start fresh again.


On an unrelated/related note, (I don’t want to jinx it but) I feel like I might be coming out of the recent heavy gloom. I don’t want to be faked out by a fleeting mania, but this feels more substantial. As if I have finally breached the surface and can breathe again.

Christina Bergling


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  1. These past years have been tough for most of us. That’s why I’m so happy hear you are coming of the heavy gloom and regaining your writing stride. You should be proud because you’ve achieved a lot, actually. We shouldn’t forget writing and rewriting takes time. Patience with oneself is key.

    The pandemic has really changed things, and gave rise to new perspectives about life and priorities. Perhaps, it’s blessing we didn’t know we needed. 🙂 One of those shifts for me is social media marketing (aka Instagram). I’ve recently come back from a long break, not for marketing but to keep in touch with my writing community. Because as you put it, we’re lost in the algorithm-laden bullshit; the pay to play challenge. There has to be another way of promoting our work, I’m still trying to figure it out…Lol!

    Anyway, it was great to catch up on your writing activities and progress. All the best with publishing your fan fiction novel.

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    • Perhaps one of us will unlock the way to put “social” back in social media. Because, yes, I want to promote my work, but always I want to do it as part of connecting. With people. With my audience. In a documentary I watched, they likened social media now to be being in a mall. I feel that. Alone in a mall with so many stores trying to sell me things. But I grateful to still have connections like you out here on the internet!

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