Tragedy Girls

After arriving in Telluride and scrambling to check into our hotel and secure our passes, my party and I began our horror film festival experience with an afternoon showing of Tragedy Girls. What a perfect way to set the tone for the fest!

Tragedy Girls follows two high school besties who lure and kidnap the local serial killer so they can copycat/frame him to improve their social media presence as @TragedyGirls (plural).

The premise is sharp and socially on point for our increasingly online culture. Yet Sadie and McKayla remain the quintessential teenage girls lusting after popularity. Only now popularity has extended beyond one high school or even just the local town; it has gone global and is measured in followers, likes, and retweets.

For me, Tragedy Girls is Jawbreaker for the online generation. All the same ruthless mean girls and razor-sharp humor.

The comedy is well executed yet still leaves plenty of room for the horror and gore required of proper serial killers. The film is well balanced and simply fun and entertaining, leaving you rooting for the baddest of girls.