Home Sweet Home

(The gistHome Sweet Home has a smart premise and a clever twist; however, the execution is so slow and boring, it completely lost me.)

Within the first five minutes, I was relatively sure Home Sweet Home was not going to be a quality horror movie. Even the initial pace is just mind numbing. However, as with all horror movies, I committed and resolved to give it a fair shot.

Yet the sluggish pace continued. The movie progresses at a speed surpassed by a snail. In fact, the snail would have been more interesting. Even multitasking, I was bored.

That being said, I can appreciate the intent of Home Sweet Home. The approach is unique, and if the execution had been more enthralling, it probably would have been awesome.

Home Sweet Home is a home invasion horror movie. Typical enough but it is set from the point of view of the killer. We meet the killer first as he prepares the empty house for its residents. It is something just different enough.

If only the pace was quick enough to interest me. If only the characters were dynamic enough for me to care about.

I wanted to like it. I wanted the great twist at the conclusion to be the icing on the cake; instead, it is the one redeeming quality.