ABCs of Death 2

(The gist: Another 26 letters to die for. Again, it was a ride through brilliant and horrid segments, like watching ABCs of Death again with new letters.)

I watched the ABCs of Death earlier in this New (to me) Horror adventure. I found it both awesome and awful but wholly entertaining.

ABCs of Death 2 was like watching the same movie over again. The premise, as with the first, is 26 death scenes from different directors. Each director received a letter of the alphabet and had to craft and extremely short death scene for a word of that letter.

Again, the directors are from multiple countries and extremely varied in style. Again, each segment is very unique and most often bizarre. Watching ABCs of Death 2 was like watching the first one with different words.

I found myself delighting in the cleverness or gore of some and rolling my eyes as the lameness and absurdity of others. The ratio of awesome to awful was comparable.

It was a fun ride, and even when I hated the segment, I was still rapt waiting to discover the word. It is unique and brings 26 flavors of variety to a genre that plays death scenes to death (haha). Once again, worth watching but not worth watching repeatedly.