Father Death is Coming

Posted: June 11, 2022 in Father Death, Scream
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It’s time. I’m ready to finally release my fan fiction project.

As you may recall, I was in a dark place last year (really, who wasn’t?). As a result of that or in addition to that, I hit the first real struggle in my writing since I started in elementary school. I feared I had fallen out of love with the craft, that it had been spoiled in my mind. So, for NaNoWriMo, I did a no-pressure passion project to reignite myself.

To do accomplish this lofty goal, I took myself back to where my love of horror began. My very first horror movie ever: Scream (1996).

Not to give too much away before I go and post the thing, I wrote the events of the first Scream movie (and a little extra) focusing on Billy and Stu.

So I’ve had this “book” since the end of November. But now it has been edited by someone other than myself, and I have decided to post it right here on this blog, just for fun. I couldn’t abide with it just rotting saved on a drive or in the cloud somewhere.

Now, I bring it to you. I hope to start posting chapters this week. I had fun with it and didn’t take it too seriously, so I would to hear how you think it lines up with the franchise. Come on, horror nerds, geek out with me!

Father Death is coming…

(And if you’re wondering about the title, “Father Death” is the name of the killers’ costume in the movie.)

Christina Bergling


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