(The gistDeathgasm was not my personal favorite. Generally, I do not gravitate towards that variety of horror comedy, yet I still enjoyed it. It was just the mindless, ridiculous comedy I needed to break up my indie horror viewing.)

Deathgasm was the palate cleanser I needed after a long day of bleak and slow-paced horror at the Stanley Film Festival. I needed my midnight showing to be mindless, light, and ridiculous. Deathgasm was all these things.

I will admit to dozing off a couple times during the screening. I was so exhausted, and to be frank, after having children, if I hold still in the dark after 10pm, I am done for. Perhaps I no longer have the chops for midnight screenings. Thankfully, Deathgasm had deafening guitar rifts frequently enough to always snatch me back. I do not think I actually missed a full scene. Regardless, my viewing partner loved it.

Deathgasm is about Brodie, who creates a band with a selection of other high school rejects. Then all hell breaks loose when their band, Deathgasm, plays a song that unleashes demons all over their town.

Deathgasm is the unholy marriage of horror clichés and heavy metal. The movie is all about heavy metal music, the devil, blood and gore, dick jokes, and tits. In short, Deathgasm is a fully encapsulated horror cliché or witty genre satire, however you want to look at it.

The movie is ridiculous; there is really no other way to put it, but it could not be done any other way. It is funny and impossibly gory. Ultimately, Deathgasm is not really my personal flavor, even for horror comedy, yet I enjoyed it. I could also think of some horror lovers and metalheads in my own life who would adore it.

And that in itself is a success.

Deathgasm is something to watch when you want stupid, funny horror comedy. For instance, as the midnight screening after a day of heavy indie horror. It serves its purpose, and it serves it relatively well.