The Endless

In my experience, Lovecraftian horror can either be poignant and unnerving enough to be haunting or it can become so convoluted that it crosses into confusing and ridiculous. The theme requires a crafted balance. Thankfully, The Endless falls into the first category.

The Endless tells the story of two brothers, Justin and Aaron, attempting to make a life after escaping a commune (read: UFO death cult) in the mountains. The two struggle to adjust and deprogram, make enough money, meet girls. In Aaron’s discontentment, he convinces Justin to take him back to the commune. For closure.

Then things get weird. Their visit becomes a search for truth. Are their memories true? Is what Justin says about the cult true? Is what the commune members say true? Are the random video communications they find true?

I will not go further to avoid spoilers because the mystery and reveals are half the fun of the movie.

While the premise and the portrayal and the suspense worked for me, what ultimately seduced me about the movie was the dynamic between the brothers. I have a younger sister; I know what’s up when it comes to sibling relationships. There is a clear chemistry between the actors and an imperfect authenticity in the interactions between the characters.

I found the movie to be well composed to properly portray the dynamic between the brothers (which included an awkward comedic touch that made it more realistic) as well as the larger mystery and problem in which they find themselves. I enjoyed it enough to indulge the lulls in the middle because I could see the part they played.

I would definitely watch it again and look forward to watching the other movies by the two leading men.