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Colorado-bred writer, Christina Bergling knew she wanted to be an author in fourth grade.

In college, she pursued a professional writing degree and started publishing small scale. It all began with “How to Kill Yourself Slowly.”

CIMG0483With the realities of paying bills, she started working as a technical writer and document manager, traveling to Iraq as a contractor and eventually becoming a trainer and software developer.

She avidly hosted multiple blogs on Iraq, bipolar disorder, pregnancy, running. She continues to write on Fiery Pen: The Horror Writing of Christina Bergling.

Fibonacci_ScreamThe horror genre has always been a part of Bergling’s life. She has loved horror books ever since early readings of Goosebumps then Stephen King. She fell in love with horror movies young with Scream.


Limitless Publishing released her novel The Rest Will Come. HellBound Books Publishing published her two novellas Savages and The Waning. She is also featured in over 17 horror anthologies, including Collected Christmas Horror Shorts, Graveyard Girls, Carnival of Nightmares, and Demonic Wildlife. Her latest novel, Followers, will be released by Crystal Lake Publishing.

Divided 23Bergling is a mother of two young children and lives with her family in Colorado. She spends her non-writing time hiking, doing yoga and barre, belly dancing, taking pictures, traveling, and sucking all the marrow out of life.

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    You can find writing samples on my website (TobiasWade.com)

    Hope I can contribute, keep it creepy!


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