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Previously on… Father Death (11)


Stu parked Billy’s car at his house and replaced the keys in the visor. Like it had been there all night. Like he had walked over to Sidney’s. Or been dropped off. Whatever didn’t lead to forensics combing through his car. He packed anything incriminating into the dark duffle they had taken to Casey’s and slung it over his shoulder. Then he started the long walk home.

He needed to get home to feed someone.

In the back of the police car, Billy leaned his head against the window to cool his thoughts. The night had not gone as planned. He was supposed to play savior, not end up a suspect. But this was fine. He had prepared for this. He could use this later. When they inevitably decided that it was not him tonight, no one would suspect him later. His suspicion would become his own alibi. And Sidney’s guilt would be her undoing.

It’s fine, he told himself. It will be better this way. A perfect twist for a movie.

The thought soothed him. Yet he held himself rigid. He did not want to look too relaxed, like the guilty suspect who fell asleep in an interrogation room. He applied a layer of defeat and dejection. He furrowed his brow and flexed his features with worry.

With betrayal. Betrayal slipped on like an old glove.

The reporters had already descended by the time they pulled up to the small police station. The vultures circled to catch a glimpse of their media darling, their favorite victim: Sidney Prescott. The officers yanked Billy from the backseat and hustled him through the doors to avoid the cameras and microphones.

“No comment! No comment!” Dewey shouted over his shoulder.

“Just put him in my office,” Sheriff Burke barked. “His father is on the way down.”

Dewey snagged Billy’s elbow and dragged him past the open room of desks. He opened Sheriff Burke’s door and guided Billy through it. Once inside, he spun Billy by the wrists and unlocked his handcuffs. The metal clinked obnoxious as it released him. Billy brought his wrists in front of his body and massaged their freedom. Dewey gestured to a chair, and Billy lowered into it as Sheriff Burke planted himself behind his desk.

Through the large windows and open blinds, Billy could watch Dewey hustle back across the room to retrieve Sidney. He wrapped his coat around her shoulders and pressed his hands into her arms as he guided her to his desk. Billy’s nerves prickled at the sight, his blood pumping hotter in his veins. Sidney’s face was blotchy and red from crying, and she stared out blank in front of her, a distant look Billy was very familiar with from after her mother died.

Hank Loomis stormed into the station and stomped to Sheriff Burke’s office. He pounded a straight line, did not seem to falter, and sported a clear complexion. Perhaps he had not found the bottle yet tonight. Billy let out a tiny breath in relief.

“Sheriff, what’s this about?” Hank shouted, not even looking to Billy.

“Hank, calm down.” Sheriff Burke raised his hands.

“I’m not going to calm down until you tell me why you have my son in custody,” Hank yelled again, almost like he cared.

“Hank, sit down,” Sheriff Burke instructed.

Hank sighed hard and dropped into the chair beside Billy, finally granting him his eyes. Billy met his gaze briefly before turning his sight back to Sidney. Sheriff Burke stood and walked behind them to close his door.

“Sidney was attacked tonight, and Billy was at the scene. We need to ask him some questions, and you needed to be present for that,” Sheriff Burke said.

“Fine, ask away,” Hank said.

Sheriff Burke released the door and strode back across his office, thumbs hooked in his utility belt.

“Let me ask you this, what are you doing with a cellular phone, son?” he started.

Billy traced Sheriff Burke as he walked, propping stiff on his elbows against the chair. “Everybody’s got one, Sheriff. I didn’t make those phone calls. I swear.”

“Why don’t you check the phone bill, for Christ’s Sake? Call Vital Phone Comp. They’ve got a record of every number dialed.” Hank jabbed his hand at Sheriff Burke.

Sheriff Burke lowered to perch on the edge of his desk. “Thanks, Hank. We’re on top of it.” He turned to Billy. “What were you doing over Sidney’s house tonight?”

Billy leaned forward and planted his elbows on his knees. “Well, I wanted to see her. That’s all.”

“And yesterday? She said you climbed through her window last night too?”

“You went out last night?” Hank pivoted to Billy.

You would have noticed if you ever sobered up. Billy offered an uncomfortable smile. “I was watching TV. I got bored. I decided to go for a ride.”

“Did you happen to ride by Casey Becker’s house too?”

“No. No, I didn’t. Sheriff, I didn’t kill anybody.”

Billy wanted to smile. He wanted to peel back his sheepish little mask and show them his real face, what he was really capable of. Instead, he dropped his tone and his cheeks, adopted the severity they were expecting.

Sheriff Burke and Hank exchanged a look, and Billy cast his eyes to the floor. The grin was nearly impossible to contain. He flexed his jaw, hoping it would appear as nerves.

“We’re going to have to hold you, son, until we get those phone records,” Sheriff Burke said.

“That’s crazy. You know that?”

Billy gripped the back of the chair and turned back to find Sidney’s eyes staring at him. Her eyes were cold, drained of the warmth he usually found there. She may not have fucked him, but she had always regarded him with affection. Now, it was a sharply edged void. If his chest did not burn in rage, it might have hurt.

“This is ludicrous, Sheriff,” Hank exclaimed. “What happens now?”

“We’ll print and book him, put him in a holding cell while we wait for the records. You are welcome to wait at the station until we hear back.” Sheriff Burke waved through the window, gesturing for officers to come escort Billy.

Billy rose from the chair, sheepish and defensive. “Book me? Holding cell? I didn’t do anything!”

The officers moved past Hank and gathered Billy by the arms again. His skin throbbed tender from all their repeated violent gripping and tugging. They yanked him past his dad and out of the Sheriff’s office.

Billy pulled back toward his dad. “Tell them. Come on, Dad. Tell them.”

“He’s waiting for the lawyer, Billy,” the officer said in his face.

Billy wrenched toward Sidney, still seated at Dewey’s desk. Now, she would not look at him.

“Sidney,” he called. “Sidney, come on. You know me. Sidney, look at me. Come on!”

He begged as they dragged him across the room, shoving past Tatum, and through the door, his father trailing behind him. He could feel Sidney was crying. That reaction spurned him on, made him feel like he mattered again. It was more than the cold nothing she had just shot at him a moment ago. He could sustain himself on her tears.

Hank faded away into some waiting area as Billy was moved through printing and processing. He followed with compliancy, making sure to proclaim his innocence and confusion often.

“Hey, when do I get my phone call?” Billy asked.

The officer glowered at him. “Your dad is already here.”

“I still get one phone call, though, don’t I?”

The officer rolled his eyes. “Fine. But make it fast so I can get you into the holding cell.”

The officer shuffled Billy over to the phone and orientated it in his direction. Billy picked up the receiver and looked to the officer.

“Can I get some privacy?” he asked.

“No,” the officer snipped but turned his back.

Billy returned to the phone and dialed Stu’s number.

The house phone echoed through the cavernous Macher house. In the basement, Stu lifted his head and released a groan.

“You know, Neil,” he said. “Making a mess like this only hurts you.”

Stu slid the bucket across the floor and pursed his lips to avoid gagging. Then he bounded up the stairs, chasing the song of the phone. He burst out of the door and hurried into the kitchen, snagging the receiver on a finger.


“Stu,” Billy hissed.

“Billy, man, are you home already?”

“No,” Billy snapped. “Call Sid.”

“What do you mean, ‘call Sid’? What are you talking about?”

“I’m at the police station. Call Sid.” Billy said the last two words slow and heavy.

Stu frowned and leaned against the counter for a moment. Then realization shattered across his brain.

“Got it,” Stu said.

The call died in his hand. He replaced the receiver, retrieved the voice changer, then picked up the phone again. He dialed Tatum’s number.

“Hello, Riley residence,” Mrs. Riley sang into the phone.

“Hello, may I please talk to Sidney?” Stu said.

“Yes, please hold on.” Mrs. Riley set the phone aside, and Stu waited.

“Hello?” Sidney answered.

“Hello, Sidney.” Stu wished he could see her face, like Casey’s through the window, but he could imagine it. It was the same face she wore when he burst out of the closet.

“No!” Sidney cried.

“Poor Billy boyfriend,” Stu mocked. “An innocent man doesn’t stand a chance with you.”

“Leave me alone.”

“Looks like you fingered the wrong guy. Again!” Stu hissed.

“Who are you?”

Stu could hear rustling, commotion, and other voices behind Sidney.

“You’ll find out soon enough. I promise.”

Stu smiled as he replaced the phone in its cradle. Then he sighed hard before gathering cleaning supplies and returning to the basement.

Continued on… Father Death (13)

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Christina Bergling

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Previously on… Father Death (9)


“Holy shit. Holy shit. Holy shit. Holy shit,” Stu breathed from the passenger’s seat like a mantra.

“Wooooo!” Billy called out the open window. The crisp air whipped through his air and made the night feel more real.

Stu planted both palms on the dashboard and turned a dazed expression to Billy. The light from the road carved his face into grave shadows.

“We did it,” Stu said. “We fucking did, man!”

“Again,” Billy corrected. “We fucking did it again.”

The tires spirited them away into the night, away from their crime. Stu’s nausea sank back into memory behind them, pooled around Casey’s guts in the grass. Billy drummed his fingers on the steering wheel, unable to temper his elation.

“Where to now?” Stu asked.

“Alibis. Getting you to Tatum.”

Stu’s face fell before he plastered the smile back in its place. “That’s right. Where are you going?”

“I’m going to swing by Sid’s house.”

“She know you’re coming?”


“Her pops in town?”

Billy reached over and slapped Stu in the arm. “You know he is. It’s kind of important to this whole thing that he is right now but won’t be in a couple days.”

“Right, right.” Stu glowered and rubbed his arm, sinking down into his seat.

“What are you going to tell Tatum about where you were before this?”

Stu slipped his hand under his seat and extracted a couple VHS tapes. “Just picking up some scary movies to watch. Lifted these out of Randy’s car.”

“Nice.” Billy nodded in approval, and Stu’s smile spread.

Billy rolled to a stop outside Tatum’s house. Stu glanced to the lighted wrap-around porch then back to Billy.

“See you tomorrow, man.” Stu beamed and then hopped from the car.

Stu bounced up the sidewalk in leaping steps as Billy pulled away from the curb. Billy saw Tatum open the door and wrap her arms around Stu before he drove off down the street.

Billy relaxed into the driver’s seat, leaning back into the upholstery and draping his wrist over the top of the steering wheel. Stu had executed his plan without bungling it. Now, Stu was a fully vested participant, more than an accomplice, no way out anymore. He was following the script, just like Billy needed him to.

Billy tilted his head toward the window and let the breeze slip through his hair and massage his thoughts. As he pointed the car toward Sidney’s house, his mind meandered back to that night. One foot of his consciousness toed into that memory at the sight of Sidney, at the right glance from Stu, but perhaps the most from going to the Prescott house. Where he could retrace the steps of the crime itself, breathe in her stale smell even a year later.

The pleasant nostalgia climbed his limbs as he wound up the hillside streets to the Prescott house. He parked in the same spot he and Stu had that night, hidden from the streetlights and the windows. He wasn’t supposed to be there again. Echoes and similarities crashed over him. He could be treading his own footsteps from that night as he crept toward the looming and lighted house. He almost stopped to savor the sensation of it, to live in the throbbing thrill.

He also resisted the urge to find the same entry point and burst through the sliding glass door in a full reenactment. He was here for Sidney—not her mother this time.

Avoiding the garish stretch of the ludicrous exterior lights, Billy slipped to the side of the house, away from the street and under Sidney’s window. He stepped back towards the trees until he could see over the railing to glimpse the light in her open window. Then he continued around the back and heaved himself onto the back deck. Laying soundless footsteps on the planks, he ascended to her window and crouched low, listening.

The faint sound of keyboard clicking drifted into the night. Easing up slowly against the siding, Billy peered through the window. Sidney perched on her desk chair, glancing between the monitor and keyboard as she typed. Somehow, her dutifully doing her homework irritated Billy. He had just been out gutting and hanging their classmates as she sat in her room doing what she was supposed to. He wanted to climb through the window and ruffle her perfection. Tear down her perfect life, the façade with which she surrounded herself.

Soon enough.

Billy bumped against the house as he lowered himself from the window. He reached over and sent a small flowerpot cascading over the railing. It shattered faintly below. Then he waited. He could hear Sidney press up from her chair and approach the window. Her hands appeared on the windowsill. Billy smirked before reaching out to snatch her shoulder.

Sidney released a short, sharp scream and recoiled from him.

“It’s just me!” Billy said, leaning in through the window. “Sorry. Don’t hate me,” he said as Sidney helped him climb through.

Billy looked down to notice the nightgown she was wearing. The flowered fabric bared her shoulders. Her perky breasts hinted beneath the thin cotton fabric as the bottom ruffle flirted with her thighs. His mind clouded for a second at the suggestion of all her flesh.

“You sleep in that?” he asked.

“Yes, I sleep in this.” Sidney’s head whirled between Billy and her bedroom door. “My dad is in the other room. You can’t be here.”

“I’ll just stay a sec.” Billy unfolded himself to standing.

“No! You gotta go! Go! Go! Go!” Sidney flustered a hand at Billy’s chest.

A knock fluttered on the door, and Sidney jumped again. Immediately, the door opened yet crashed into Sidney’s open closet door. Billy dove to the floor as Sidney sprinted across the room. Curling his legs in, he pressed himself against the trailing edge of Sidney’s bedspread as he listened.

“What’s going on in there?” Sidney’s dad asked. “Are you okay?”

“Can you knock?” Sidney said.

He did knock, Billy thought, laughing silently to himself.

“I heard screaming,” her dad said.

“No, you didn’t,” Sidney answered.

Yes, you did, Billy thought as he smirked on the floor.

“No?” Her dad’s tone softened. “Oh, well. I am hitting the sack. My flight leaves first thing in the morning. Now, the expo runs all weekend, so I won’t be back till Sunday. There’s cash on the table, and I am staying….”

Bingo. We grab him tomorrow.

“At the Hilton,” Sidney finished.

“Out at the airport. So, call if….”

“I need anything. Yeah, I got it.”

“I could’ve sworn I heard screaming.”

Hopefully, you’re about to, Billy mused.

“Have a good trip, okay?” Sidney dismissed her father.

“Sleep tight, sweetie,” her dad said.

Billy listened for the door to close. He grabbed a stuffed tiger from the floor beside him and popped it up on the bed.

“Close call,” Billy spoke for the tiger.

“Billy, what are you doing here?”

Billy eased up from the floor. “It occurred to me that I had never snuck through your bedroom window.”

“Well, now that it’s out of your system….” Sidney motioned toward the window.

Billy could feel her anxiety. She wanted him to leave. Somehow, that excited him more, being there when she didn’t want him to be. He strode past her, unfazed.

“I was home watching television,” Billy continued. “The Exorcist was on.” He waved his hands beside his head. “It got me thinking of you.” Billy moved around her room as he talked.

Sidney gave an amused shrug. “It did?”

“Yeah, it was edited for TV. All the good stuff was cut out. And it got me thinking of us.” He turned his eyes back to Sidney as he approached her. “How two years ago we started off hot and heavy. Nice solid R rating on our way to a NC-17. And now, things have changed, and lately, we’re just edited for television.”

Sidney’s face fell before she raised her eyebrows slyly. “Oh, so you thought you would climb through my window and have a little raw footage?”

Yes. “No. I wouldn’t dream of breaking your underwear rule.” Billy glanced to the side then back to Sidney. “I just thought we could do a little on-top-of-the-clothes stuff.”

Sidney lowered herself to sit at the edge of her bed. “Okay.”

“Yeah?” Billy offered a grateful smile that felt vile on his face.

“Yeah.” Sidney smiled brightly.

Sidney rose to kiss Billy, and he met her with his mouth. He pressed his lips against her again and again before guiding her back onto the bed. He laid Sidney down gently on the mattress, climbing on top of her.

“Hey,” she said on a soft laugh as they continued to kiss.

Sidney tangled one of her hands in Billy’s as their kiss deepened. Billy’s nerves throbbed in an agitated rhythm. The restraint was maddening. He did not want to be gentle. He did not want to wait. He was exhausted of both. He wanted to just take her. He needed her to finally want him. He felt those desires pounding through him with her breath against his nose, her fingers tracing his own, her body under his. He felt his self-control wobbling.

Billy slipped his fingers from Sidney’s and extended them down her thigh, pressing his hand to her warm, smooth flesh. His brain drowned in impulse as he slid his hand up her thigh, teasing at the hem of her nightgown.

Instantly, Sidney’s firm grip seized his hand and stopped his progress. Anger and rejection sliced through the haze and brought his mind back to a point. He had his mouth on her neck, but she turned away and started to buck him off.

“Okay, okay, okay. Time’s up, stud bucket,” Sidney said as she slid from beneath him. She sat up and pressed her palm over her mouth.

Billy could feel a pulse in his anger. “God, you see what you do to me,” he said exactly what he meant in a soft tone.

Sidney released a laugh and her smile again, brushing her bangs aside. “You know what my dad will do to you?” Sidney cast a glance to the door.

“Yeah, I’m going.”

Billy retreated backwards toward the window. Sidney stood from the bed and followed him, interlacing her fingers with his. Her touch mocked him now, but he treated it with feigned affection. He pecked her lips before pushing his legs out the window.

“You know, I appreciate the romantic gesture.”

Sure, you do, Billy scoffed in his head. “Hey, about the sex stuff, I’m not trying to rush you at all. I was only half-serious.” No, I was completely fucking serious, you frigid bitch.

“Okay.” Sidney cracked a relieved smile and brushed her hand down his arm.

Sidney leaned in to kiss Billy again. He attempted not to bristle at the touch and climbed the rest of the way out of the window.

“Hey Billy, would you settle for a PG-13 relationship?” Sidney called.

Billy looked up from the windowsill. “What’s that?”

Sidney gripped the neckline of her nightgown then tugged to unhinge all the snaps lining the chest. The nightgown flew open for a brief instant, exposing her breasts in the soft light. Billy stood stunned as she covered and laughed at her own cleverness. He leaned forward onto the windowsill and cradled his forehead. Rage billowed up in his chest, but he concealed it with a choking grin.

“My God,” he said. “You’re just a tease.”

Billy dropped out of the window. He saw Sidney watch him for a minute then she receded back into the glow of her room. Seething, Billy slipped back into the night and away from the Prescott house. He no longer felt pleasantly enveloped in the memory of the night he killed the woman who destroyed his family. He was no longer riding the euphoric high of successfully executing two people. Those things were eclipsed by the fact that he was not enough for Sidney, that she did not want him enough. She continued to string him along in this game.

What had he expected? He had expected tonight to be different because tonight was different. He expected her to feel that in him and be seduced by its power. Yet she could not throw him out of her window fast enough.

Just as his mother could not run away from him fast enough.

All because of Maureen. Still.

Billy slammed the car into gear and sped himself home. He entered quiet, but only the grumbling of the television greeted him. When he padded down the hall, he found his father passed out in his recliner, still in his suit. Hank had loosened his tie before he poured his first drink. After several more drinks, Billy knew he forgot what he was wearing at all.

Billy retired to his room and flipped on his television as if he had been home watching all night.

Continued on… Father Death (11)

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Christina Bergling

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  • Screechers – Mutant monsters and humans collide in the apocalyptic fallout of a burned world. Co-authored with Kevin J. Kennedy.
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Previously on… Father Death (5)



Billy slumped on Stu’s couch as he massaged his chin, feeling the sharp edge of the stubble forcing its way through his flesh. His eyes lost focus on the television screen, yet he stared beyond it, stared into the past. The night with Maureen grew fainter with each passing day. Its sedative effect on his rage waned, and the itching, uncomfortable pressure in his chest returned. Stu chattered beside him, provoking the irritation into Billy’s clenched jaw.

“Ah! As if!” Alicia Silverstone screeched from the screen.

A geyser of anger shot into Billy’s head. He slapped his hands to his knees and shot to his feet to avoid screaming.

“How do you watch this shit?” he growled.

Stu looked up with his sandwich hovering in front of his face. The lettuce quivered in his breath as his mouth turned down in surprise.

“Because Alicia is hot,” Stu said plainly. The smile crept up his cheeks.

Billy winced. “She looks like Tatum.”

Stu shifted his eyes to the screen and tipped his head then shrugged. “Yeah, I guess she does. No wonder I like it.” He released a cartoonish laugh.

Billy bristled. “The entire movie is full of nothing but human fodder.”

“This whole town is human fodder,” Stu dismissed before chomping into his sandwich, sending mayonnaise squeezing from the sides.

Billy dropped back to the cushion. He laced his fingers behind his head and allowed his eyes to wander to the ceiling. His stare narrowed as he breathed slow. Stu chewed and watched the rise and fall of Billy’s chest.

“What’s up, Billy?” Stu finally said.

“It’s time.” Billy sliced his eyes to Stu.

“Time for what?” Stu’s mouth drooped in a tight arch.

“We pulled it off with Maureen.” Billy sat up as he spoke. Her name in his mouth brought her fearful eyes into his mind and calmed him. “Cotton is getting the gas chamber. But that was just the prequel. That was just setting the stage for the real story.”

Stu watched Billy’s face, the way the words changed him. Billy’s tone deepened; his voice slickened. Stu glimpsed something mesmerizing behind his eyes. Stu wanted to say whatever would capture that glint and call it back to Billy’s surface.

“They’ll never see it coming.” Stu gleamed, searching Billy’s eyes. “We’ll show them, just like you said, Billy.”

The twinkle did return to Billy’s eye as a rare smile spread across his lips. As convincing as Billy’s many liar’s grins were, Stu could recognize the genuine expression on Billy’s face, the expression Stu always strove to conjure in his friend.

“I know where we’re going in the last reel, the splatter showdown, the final body count.” Stu spoke to avoid staring at Billy too long. “Who are our opening scene deaths?”

Alicia Silverstone squealed from the television. Billy’s levity dissolved, replaced by his familiar scowl. He squinted at the screen.

“What about an annoying blonde?” Billy growled.

Stu slumped over on his hand, his mouth hanging open as he regarded Alicia. “Maybe I have a thing for blondes. Casey was a blonde too.”

Billy’s face elongated thoughtfully. “Casey Becker.”

“Yeah, I can’t even watch A Nightmare on Elm Street without thinking about her perky little tits.”

“She dumped you for that prick, Steve.”

Stu went rigid and pointed at Billy. “Don’t tell Tatum that. As far as she is concerned, I dumped Casey for her.”

A cruel grin slithered across Billy’s cheeks. “Tatum will never find out if we kill them both.”

Stu stuck his tongue out with a delighted laugh. “Oh! Oh!” Stu shouted, his eyes going wild. “I forgot to show you.”

Billy leaned away as Stu shot to his feet and darted from the room. He wrinkled his nose at Clueless again as he waited for Stu’s return. Stu came stomping back in, his long feet slapping the hardwood. He thrust a plastic package at Billy.

“Check it out, man,” Stu said, his words riding his excitement.

Billy regarded the bag, tipping it in his grip. The masked figure loomed ghastly in the picture, suggesting the costume contained within. The long white face seemed to stare back into him.

“Father Death,” Billy read from the packaging.

“I saw it down at K-Mart. Just had to pick it up.”

“Full body coverage, gloves….”

“I wouldn’t want to run into the mask in a dark alley.”

“It’s no human skin, but it is definitely more effective than a hockey mask and more menacing than the stretched-out Myers face. This looks like it could be the face of death.”

“It looks like a scream,” Stu cackled.

“We’ll pick up a few. From a couple different stores.”

The conversation fell momentarily quiet. Billy set Father Death beside him on the couch. Stu shifted uncomfortable on the couch, looking between Billy and the television.

“So, man, I know you kind of let me pick Maureen…”

Billy snatched the chuckle before it climbed his throat. He kept his face slack. Sure, I did. “Yeah?”

“Um.” Stu wrung his long fingers together. “What does that mean for Sidney, man?”

Billy licked his lips calmly and turned to Stu. “They all go, Stu. They all die. And Sidney… Sidney is at the center.”

“Won’t that draw a lot of attention to you?”

“It would. If I wasn’t also a victim.” A sinister leer consumed Billy’s face. “And if you weren’t also a victim. But if we are just lucky survivors, they won’t suspect us.”

“Genius, man. So, who is our killer?”

Billy’s grin managed to spread farther. “Sidney’s father.”

“What?” Stu released a squealing laugh and nearly launched from the couch cushion.

“Poetic, isn’t it?” Billy leaned forward on his knees.

“I mean, you did say Sid was the center, but that makes her the epicenter.”

“The way I figure, Sid’s father snaps. Maureen’s anniversary sets him off.”

“So, he goes on a rampage, killing everyone.” Stu’s eyes twinkled as he nodded.

“Including Sidney.”

“Oh! Oh!” Stu bounced on his cushion. “You know how he should end it? You know how he should end it?”

“How?” Billy tilted his head slow.

“After he kills Sid, he should shoot himself.” Stu raised his eyebrows, awaiting his reaction.

“Perfect ending.”

Stu’s face exploded in a grin. “It’s genius, man. Genius.” Stu stroked his chin. “How do we get left for dead? How do we pass for survivors?”

The vicious grin surfaced on Billy’s cheeks again. “We’re going to have to bleed a little.”

Stu furrowed his brow. “Like fake blood?”

“Fake blood wouldn’t convince even our moron cops. We’re going to have to actually get stabbed.”

Stu grimaced and recoiled from Billy a degree.

“Don’t worry,” Billy said. “We’ll stick to the side, avoid any vital organs, and we won’t go too deep. It will look like a good attempted murder.”

Stu swallowed hard and nodded.

“But to convince the other victims we’re not the killers, we’re going to fake it too,” Billy continued.

Stu lifted his head. “You’ve thought of everything, Billy.”

Billy’s lips turned up, and he planted his hands on his knees. “Did you get those things I told you to?”

“Yeah, man. I got everything on the list. What’s it all for?”

“Fake blood.”

Billy stood from the couch and moved toward the kitchen without waiting for Stu. Stu followed, taking one last glimpse over his shoulder at Alicia Silverstone before leaving her babbling to the empty couches. Billy rounded the kitchen island and placed his hands on the counter in wait. Stu hurried to the closet and retrieved the grocery bag.

“This all makes way more sense now, man. It seemed like a very random list,” Stu laughed.

But Stu had gotten the items as instructed, without question. He had followed orders, just as Billy needed him to.

Stu presented the bag to Billy, raising his eyebrows and awaiting approval. Billy offered a fixed stare. His hands remained stuck to the counter. Stu animated and unloaded the ingredients.

“Corn syrup.” Stu placed the bottle on the counter in front of Billy. “Corn starch. Red, yellow, and blue food coloring.”

Billy surveyed the ingredients before finally letting an approving smirk hint on his lips. “Everything you need to make pig’s blood. Or, in this case, our blood.” The smirk branched into a malicious grin. “Chocolate syrup would have been easier, but we couldn’t risk that someone would smell it. Plus, that shit is so sticky.”

Billy placed his hands on the corn syrup and turned his eyes to Stu. Stu stared back at him for a moment before startling.

“Oh.” Stu dove into a cabinet and retrieved a large, yellow plastic bowl. Then he snatched a couple spoons from a drawer.

“You get the water balloons and the funnel?”

“Shit. Yeah, man. They’re in the other bag.” Stu whirled around and returned to the closet.

Billy poured the corn syrup into the bowl then began sprinkling in the corn starch. He stirred briskly to mix the two together. Stu leaned in close to watch over his shoulder. Billy dripped red food coloring in the first. The splatters spread in the liquid, drawing bizarre patterns. He blended them in until the mixture turned red.

“Too red,” Billy mumbled.

“Yeah, don’t want it looking Giallo.”

Billy traded the red for the yellow and green, squeezing in a couple drops of each. He tilted his head as he stirred it all together as the red mixture deepened in the bowl.

“Getting closer.” Billy dipped his finger in and sucked it clean. He pursed his lips and bobbed his head. “Not terrible. Chocolate would have tasted better. In Friday the 13th, they used photo developer, but that shit is so poisonous.”

“And not just at the general store,” Stu laughed.

“Right.” Billy loosed a couple more drips and stirred before nodding at his efforts. Billy dipped another finger and smeared it along Stu’s face then nodded firmer. “Balloons.”

“Okay.” Stu tore open the plastic bag and fished out a red balloon. “So, remind me. Is this my blood or your blood?”

“Ideally, mine. I want you to kill me in front of Sidney. Break her heart before I put a knife in it.” Billy stared straight into Stu until Stu’s eyes wavered away. “But we’ll fill a few balloons and see how things play out. People can be… unpredictable.”

Stu stuffed the funnel into the balloon, and Billy poured the blood in until it blossomed. Once the bulb of fake blood trembled, Billy slipped it from the funnel and tied it off. He squeezed the balloon, feeling the blood resist the pressure. Then Billy cradled the balloon in front of him.

“So, I come at you like this.” Stu pantomimed a knife, stabbing it into the blood balloon.

“The balloon bursts. Blood everywhere.”

“Sidney or anyone else will be too scared to scrutinize.”

“I fall dead, and you go kill them. Then I reemerge for the final act.”

“They’ll never see it coming!” Stu lifted the balloon from Billy’s grasp and lifted it in front of his face.

“That’s because it’s never been done before.”

Continued on… Father Death (7)

Christina Bergling

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  • Followers – You never know who is on the other side of the screen. Followers is a mystery and thriller that blends women’s fiction with horror.
  • The Rest Will Come – Online dating would drive anyone to murder, especially Emma.
  • Savages – Two survivors search the ruins for the last strain of humanity. Until the discovery of a baby changes everything.
  • The Waning – Locked in a cage, Beatrix must survive to escape or be broken completely.
  • Screechers – Mutant monsters and humans collide in the apocalyptic fallout of a burned world. Co-authored with Kevin J. Kennedy.
  • Horror Anthologies

Previously on… Father Death (4)


Terror transformed Maureen’s features. When she opened her mouth in a scream, Billy noticed how much Sidney did look like her mother, that same wide mouth of straight, white teeth. He would make Sidney scream for different reasons.

Billy ignored Maureen’s flow of exclamations and demands. He fixated on her delicious fear and stomped toward her, hearing Stu shuffle in behind him. The perpetual and uncomfortable rage that seethed in him dissipated throughout and settled in his muscles to orchestrate his movements.

Maureen, clad in a satin robe, scrambled around the bed. In desperation, she chucked pillows and a lamp in the direction of her attackers. Billy pursued her as Stu climbed on the bed, casting a malicious grin as he bounced like a child. Tears streamed down Maureen’s cheeks.

“Billy, why?” Maureen asked, her voice quivering in her cries.

Billy invaded her space and cornered her against the wall. He pressed his body against hers to feel her tremble.

“Shhhhhh,” Billy breathed.

He lifted the knife and used the blade to move the hair out of Maureen’s face. Maureen only reddened and cried harder.

“What about Sidney?” Maureen protested.

Billy snatched Maureen around the throat and threw them both toward the bed. Stu leaped out of the way before Billy fell on top of Maureen on the mattress. They flopped together, Maureen grunting in pain. Billy shifted to pin her down with his weight and raised the knife. He waited with the blade suspended until she could see it. He looked for its gleaming reflection in her eye and the knowing fear in her face before he plunged it into her belly, low. Not at low as he wanted but close enough.

It felt natural to stab into her, to take what he wanted. The primal sound that sputtered from her lips resonated somewhere deep within Billy. It spurned him to rip the knife from her flesh and thrust it into her again. And again, splattering blood all over Cotton Weary’s coat.

Somewhere in the flurry, Billy remembered himself. He caught his arm before the knife could penetrate Maureen again and raised his blood-stained face to Stu. He felt the smile on his own cheeks. Maureen moaned and writhed beneath him, but he pushed back off of her.

Stu looked between Billy and Maureen’s bloody body. Then he lingered in Billy’s stare before diving forward. Maureen moved to claw along the bed. She took fistfuls of the bedspread in her hands and attempted to drag herself along the mattress. Stu snatched her shoulder and flipped her back over. He looked over his shoulder, searched for Billy’s approval before bringing his own knife into Maureen.

His first puncture was tentative, but when Billy smiled, he gained vigor. By the fifth, Maureen released the bedspread. Billy clapped a hand on Stu’s shoulder and leaned against him.

“Go grab the bag,” Billy said.

Stu nodded and offered Billy his knife. Billy took it and watched Stu leave the room. Once Stu was out of sight, Billy turned his eyes down to Maureen.

Maureen’s chest lifted and fell weakly. Billy found her eyes burrowing into him. He mounted the bed to straddle her and leaned down slow. He put his lips against her ear and heard her breathing hesitate.

“This is for my mom, you whore,” he said.

Billy sat up and sank the knife into Maureen’s throat. Her eyes went wide as the blood poured from her neck and covered the bed. Stu returned as Billy yanked the blade from her body.

“10:37, man,” Stu said, shifting his weight from side to side and clutching the bag. “Sid could be here any minute.”

Billy reached into the bag and retrieved the garbage bag. He placed both knives in the bag then slipped them into the duffle.

“Change and get to the car,” Billy ordered. “Cotton went to Steiner’s Tavern after last time. Meet me at the bottom of the hill, and we’ll plant the coat.”

Stu nodded, fingers still wriggling. Then he was gone.

Billy stood over Maureen one last time. She lay splayed on her back, her hands bloodied and haphazard above her head. The vacancy in her eyes soothed something in him, calmed that writhing anger. He reached down and tore her robe open, suggestively positioned her legs, set the scene. Then he breathed in the moment, the smell of her death, before hurrying down the stairs.

He lingered by the front window, waiting for Sidney. His chest clenched when Tatum’s red Beetle finally rolled into view. The thrill at the plan coming together, at all the pieces falling into his planned places. He could hear the girls’ muffled voices as Sidney got out of the car and said goodbye. She stood under the garish light and swept her hair behind her ear.

Billy would always see how much she looked like her mother now.

Sidney approached the door, carefree and smiling. Billy imprinted that Sidney on his mind, snapped it into his memory with the full knowledge that he was about to shatter her, destroy this version of Sidney in an irreparable way.

Then he would be there to comfort her, fuck her back to normal when she was ready. They could mourn the loss of their mothers together.

The front doorknob turned, and Billy hurried across the house. He scooted through the sliding glass door and waited with the door suspended.

“Mom,” Sidney called, discarding her keys and light coat. “Mom, I’m home.”

Billy shut the door loud enough for Sidney to hear and walked in deliberate steps away from the house. He shoved his hands in Cotton’s pockets and tilted his head down, displaying a familiar haircut. He made sure to say in the light, walk slow and in view.

As he slipped into the shadows, he could feel Sidney see him. He did not even need to look back. He knew he had done it.

Continued on… Father Death (6)

Christina Bergling

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  • Followers – You never know who is on the other side of the screen. Followers is a mystery and thriller that blends women’s fiction with horror.
  • The Rest Will Come – Online dating would drive anyone to murder, especially Emma.
  • Savages – Two survivors search the ruins for the last strain of humanity. Until the discovery of a baby changes everything.
  • The Waning – Locked in a cage, Beatrix must survive to escape or be broken completely.
  • Screechers – Mutant monsters and humans collide in the apocalyptic fallout of a burned world. Co-authored with Kevin J. Kennedy.
  • Horror Anthologies

Previously on… Father Death (3)

Stu drummed his spindly fingers on Billy’s dash, leaning forward until the streetlights cut grave shadows in his features. He moved forward then back in his seat over and over as his finger twitching increased. Billy slouched against his door with one arm slung over the steering wheel, glaring at Stu and chewing on the edge of his lip.

“Stu,” Billy called.

Stu continued to drum and rock with his eyes locked out in the night. He added a bounce to his movements.

“Stu!” Billy whipped his arm to slap Stu in the shoulder.

“Ow! What? What?” Stu rubbed the impact and gave Billy a wounded look.

“Calm down,” Billy commanded.

“I am calm, man. I’m just excited.” Stu’s eyes gleamed, and he wriggled his fingers under his chin. “Tonight’s the night. We’re finally going to do it, make our own scary movie.”

“Let’s go over everything again.”

“I got it.”

“Let’s go over everything again,” Billy said slower.


Stu rolled his eyes, and Billy slapped at him again.

“Fine!” Stu whined, raising his hand. “Cotton Weary is in there right now fucking Sidney’s mom.”

“Right. I saw him leaving when I dropped Sid off the other night, and his car is down the street. Sid is at Tatum’s until 11.”

“When he leaves, we go in and kill Maureen.”

“Then I leave wearing the coat we lifted from Cotton’s car.”

“Because you look scarily the same as Cotton from the back,” Stu finished. “Nice haircut, man.”

Billy’s eyes narrowed, and Stu threw up his arms defensively.

“I make sure to get all our stuff out of there,” Stu continued.

“Then we get the coat back into Cotton’s car.”

“And burn our clothes,” Stu finished.

Billy nodded, and Stu smiled at the approval. At hearing the plan laid out again, Billy’s nerves twitched. His heart hitched with impatience. He pressed back against the door and stroked his chin as he stared at the front of Sidney’s house.

“Oh! Oh! There he is!” Stu hissed, shooting a lanky digit toward the windshield.

Cotton’s figure emerged at the end of Stu’s fingertip. Just as Billy had previously witnessed, he bounced cavalier across the yard and jogged toward his waiting car.

“Ten o’clock,” Billy scoffed. “Even faster this time.”

“Give us a whole hour,” Stu exclaimed, patting his hands together.

The moment swelled around them. Billy and Stu each slipped on their gloves. Billy took a slow, measured breath and reached for the door handle. He lowered his head when he looked over at Stu and signaled him to exit the car. Stu’s eyes could not be wider or brighter in excitement. Billy flipped his hood up then reached into the backseat to grab his bag. He clutched the bag tight to his side. He hugged the shadows on the street as they approached the side of the house and moved around the back. Stu bounced beside him.

“Stop skipping, you jackass!” Billy hissed.

Stu dropped heavy on the street beside Billy and tucked himself into his hoodie. He slunk behind Billy to trace his shadow.

Billy moved along the decking behind the house and hoisted himself over the railing. Stu did the same, and the two crept along the boards to the house. They approached the lighted windows with slow and cautious steps. Billy glanced back at Stu as he reached out for the handle of the sliding glass door. Stu gaped a dumb and anticipant look and waited.

The door slid along its track silently. Stu’s stupor broke into glee, and Billy raised a warning hand to temper him. They each side stepped into the house, and Stu closed the door behind them.

They were in. They were past witnesses outside. They were alone with Maureen Prescott.

The rage and the hatred vibrated through Billy, embodied him. Maureen’s gentle voice hummed from above them, carefree spilling from someone who thought they were home alone. The treacherous sound of her infused him with purpose. He could finally make her pay. The possibility nearly made him quiver as much as Stu beside him.

“Are you sure about this Billy?” Stu whispered.

Billy lost his focus and whirled to Stu, glaring through him. The color had drained from Stu’s face to pool in his neck, and a thin layer of sweat appeared along his forehead.

“Are you not?” Billy hissed.

“No, I’m sure. I just wanted to make sure you were sure because you’re just standing there.”

Billy thrust his hand into the bag, still staring at Stu, and extracted the knives. He grabbed one blade and stabbed the handle at Stu. He burned his eyes into Stu until Stu took the weapon from his hand. Billy gripped his own knife tightly and moved toward the stairs.

Stu’s panting irritated Billy as Billy climbed the stairs. Or it was his own heart hammering in his ears. He wanted to be alone, just him and Maureen, in this moment, but he needed Stu here for the plan. The execution was critical. The details were crucial. Despite how unmitigated the rage was writhing beneath his surface, he tamed it below the purpose.

Maureen’s voice grew louder as they approached her bedroom door, mumbling a song off-key. Billy hesitated at the last step and met Stu’s eyes. Stu’s chin drooped as he nibbled at his lip, yet his eyes shone. His head twitched in a nod. Billy unleashed a sinister smirk and pressed his palm into the door.

Continued on… Father Death (5)

Christina Bergling

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  • Followers – You never know who is on the other side of the screen. Followers is a mystery and thriller that blends women’s fiction with horror.
  • The Rest Will Come – Online dating would drive anyone to murder, especially Emma.
  • Savages – Two survivors search the ruins for the last strain of humanity. Until the discovery of a baby changes everything.
  • The Waning – Locked in a cage, Beatrix must survive to escape or be broken completely.
  • Screechers – Mutant monsters and humans collide in the apocalyptic fallout of a burned world. Co-authored with Kevin J. Kennedy.
  • Horror Anthologies

Previously on… Father Death (2)


Sidney’s hand lingered in Billy’s as they exited the movie theater. Billy felt her pulse faint as it throbbed in the digits. She walked close to him. The feeling of her body brushing against him with each step licked an excitement along Billy’s nerves. Excitement that baited the anticipation for the rest of the evening.

“What did you think?” Billy asked, squeezing Sidney’s hand and tugging her closer.

Sidney grimaced then flashed a dazzling smile, covering her teeth with her other hand as she giggled.

“You didn’t like it?” Billy leaned toward her.

Sidney laughed again. “It was so weird. And gross.”

Billy smiled back and swiped his fingers over his chin. “I supposed you haven’t seen the other Texas Chainsaw movies. You didn’t see much of this one since you kept covering your eyes.”

“I saw him crush a head with his mechanical leg! That was enough.”

Billy stopped walking and drew Sidney into him. He wrapped his arms around her and brought his lips to hers. Sidney responded and kissed him back. She parted her lips gently to allow him to slip his tongue into her mouth. Tasting her, Billy’s kiss grew deeper as he gripped at Sidney. Sidney withdrew with a playful laugh and planted her hands on Billy’s shoulders. When she disconnected from him, she glanced around to see if anyone was watching them.

“What time do you need to be home?” Billy breathed into her hair.

“My mom is expecting me at eleven.”

“Your dad is gone again?”

Sidney nodded.

“Another work trip?”

Sidney nodded again.

“Then we have some time.”

Billy hooked his arm around Sidney’s shoulder and brought his mouth to her neck. She cried out yet circled her arm around his waist as they walked to his car.

Billy opened the passenger’s door for Sidney. After she eased in, he closed the door behind her. With Sidney encased in his vehicle, a swell of excitement tickled along his nerves again. It tangled with the rage consistently smoldering in his chest.

He wanted Sidney. He wanted to take it out on Sidney.

He stopped for a moment and pressed his palm into the cool metal of the car. He closed his eyes to feel his feet against the pavement, the night air on his cheeks. When his heart climbed out of his throat, he hurried around the bumper and dropped into the driver’s seat.

Billy navigated the narrow, darkened streets. He drove them up a winding road past Sidney’s house to a small overlook on the hill. He parked and turned off the engine, turning to Sidney.

“What do you expect to happen here, stud bucket?” Sidney laughed.

“I wouldn’t dream of taking your virginity in a car, Sid.” Billy glanced down in his lap then brought serious eyes up to Sidney. “But we can still have some fun.”

Sidney looked at Billy through the fringe of her bangs. A sly smile crept across her lips as pink warmed her cheeks. Billy’s grin turned predatory as his hands slid to either side of Sidney’s face and pulled her into him.

Billy pressed hungry lips into Sidney’s, opening his mouth immediately. As he inhaled her breath, he guided her back in her seat and reached around to pull the lever beside the door. He kept his lips moving against hers as he shoved his feet into her floorboards and lay his body along hers. Sidney emitted a surprised giggle yet welcomed him with her hands firm against his back.

Billy’s heart pounded in a focused rhythm. The nerves on his skin arched toward Sidney’s heat, the feeling of her below him. He felt the frantic need to push her, to take her rising from beneath his constant rage. He exhaled steadily through his nose against her face to steady himself. He concentrated on moving his hands over her body and feeling how she reacted to his touch.

She wanted him. She wasn’t leaving. She wasn’t saying no.

Billy slid his hands into Sidney’s shirt, moving his fingers along the warm skin of her stomach. Her belly undulated at his touch. He moved his mouth to her neck as one hand wandered up to toy at the lace of her bra while the other descended to tug at her jeans. A low gasp escaped Sidney’s mouth as her head fell back.

Billy waited a breath for her objection. Then he loosed the button and struggled her zipper down, willing the frenzy out of his fingers. His hips fell into an unconscious rhythm as he moved his mouth back to hers, and he pushed his hand into her pants.

“Billy,” Sidney said.

Billy moaned soft in response and pressed his hand against her.

“Billy!” Sidney pressed her hands into his shoulders in a slight shove.

Billy retracted his hand and snapped his head up. His muddled mind screeched to a halt as the heat on his skin broiled differently. He glared up at Sidney.

“It’s 10:55,” she giggled.

Billy whirled around to the clock on the dashboard, the anger throbbing in his temples. The numbers mocked him in their glow. He dropped his head to Sidney’s chest in a pitiful whimper. She laughed and slid her hands into his hair, kissing his head.

“Hurry,” she said into his hair. “You have to get me home to make curfew.”

Billy groaned again. “You’ll be the death of me,” he said, shifting over the center console and back into the driver’s seat.

Sidney reached over and took his hand as he followed the winding road back to her house. Billy’s skin flinched away from her touch, wanting to coil down into his rage. She was choosing to go home over him. Yet he breathed and plastered the smoldering smile on his face. He packed all his desire to fuck her into an understanding grin.

Billy rolled the car to a stop in front of Sidney’s house, the massive structure and immaculate lawn emblazoned by the excessive exterior lighting. Sidney disengaged her seatbelt and tilted her chin, regarding Billy through her bangs. Billy reflected the sultry smile she offered. As Sidney leaned in, he wrapped around her and looked over her shoulder to watch a figure slip from the front door of the house.

Billy watched the man casually and confidently stride across the front porch and vault over the side rail. He landed effortlessly in the grass and took brisk strides over the grass, hustling to his car, which must have been parked unassumingly down the street.

Billy recognized the man immediately: Cotton Weary.

Cotton Weary, who owned the hardware store. Everyone knew him. Everyone recognized him. Maureen probably met him and initiated their affair by buying light bulbs or nails while her husband was on the road yet again.

Cotton’s slicked-back hair curled at the ends right above the collar of his coat. He tugged and adjusted the coat as he jogged.

Joy snatched him so quickly that he nearly squeezed Sidney. He had to temper his grin before Sidney slid from their embrace to bring her face to his. He kissed her hard and deep with all the passion of how everything was falling perfectly into place.

“I had fun tonight,” Sidney said, pulling back to her seat and reaching for the door handle.

“Oh yeah?” Billy smirked. “Exploding heads and blue balls.”

“Hey, maybe that’s what they’ll call the sequel.”

Sidney laughed and flashed her wide smile to Billy once more before exiting the car and moving to the house. She offered one more wave before disappearing inside. Billy’s grin remained as he steered the car back onto the dark street.

“Stu, are you even listening to me?” Tatum Riley shot up from the couch cushion and whirled toward Stu.

“Of course, I am.” Stu reached forward and gathered Tatum under his arm. “This movie is just really funny, and my brain can only process so much Major Payne yelling and you talking at the same time.”

Tatum glared at Stu but settled against him, turning her eyes back to the screen.

“Randy tried to get me to take A Nightmare on Elm Street, but I went straight for the New Releases,” Stu said.

“No. No splatter movie shit.”

“See, I knew that.” Stu reached down and tipped Tatum’s chin up to kiss her.

“If you had brought home Nightmare, you definitely would not have been getting any nookie.”

“Wait, I’m getting nookie?” Stu straightened and turned to Tatum.

Tatum laughed and hooked her nail on her bottom teeth.

“Stu Macher! We have been dating for like five minutes. How easy do you think I am?”

“I was hoping for pretty easy.” Stu shrugged.

Tatum shrieked and slapped Stu’s shoulder. Stu wrapped his long arms around her and wrestled her back against the cushions. As they tussled, the credits began to roll over the screen.

“That’s my cue,” Tatum sang, unearthing herself from beneath Stu and standing.

Stu snagged her hand and tilted his gaze up at her from the cushion. “You don’t have to go. My folks aren’t home.”

“Are you folks ever home?”

Tatum smirked as she bent down to kiss Stu goodbye. Then she bounced out the front door to her red Beetle.

Billy watched her leave the house and drive away before pulling his own car in front of Stu’s house and climbing out. Billy entered the house without knocking, knowing Stu’s parents were away, as always. He found Stu where Tatum had left him, ejecting the tape without kindly rewinding Major Payne. Stu figured that was Randy’s job.

Billy loomed behind the couch, watching Stu’s unsuspecting back until Stu finally turned around and noticed him. Stu startled at first. Then his face brightened at seeing Billy.

“Hey, man.” Stu attempted to smile coolly, rising from his knees.

Billy could not contain his grin.

“What are you so happy about? Sid finally give it up?”

Billy’s face fell slack before recovering. “Better.”

Stu slid onto the couch cushion in front of Billy. “What’s better than that?”

“I found our fall guy.”

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Christina Bergling

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  • Followers – You never know who is on the other side of the screen. Followers is a mystery and thriller that blends women’s fiction with horror.
  • The Rest Will Come – Online dating would drive anyone to murder, especially Emma.
  • Savages – Two survivors search the ruins for the last strain of humanity. Until the discovery of a baby changes everything.
  • The Waning – Locked in a cage, Beatrix must survive to escape or be broken completely.
  • Screechers – Mutant monsters and humans collide in the apocalyptic fallout of a burned world. Co-authored with Kevin J. Kennedy.
  • Horror Anthologies

Previously on… Father Death (1)



“We’re doing this. We’re really doing this,” Stu exclaimed through clenched teeth.

Billy strode in measured strides while Stu bounced and leaped beside him. Billy cast his eyes to the side to acknowledge Stu yet continued walking. Billy kept his breath steady to control his heart rate and the heat brewing below his skin. He tensed his muscles to maintain a nonchalant and placid exterior while he roiled beneath the surface.

“How do we choose someone?” Stu pressed, sweat gleaming along his forehead.

Stu’s voice agitated Billy and undermined his control, yet Stu was necessary. Billy pinched his molars together and held fast. He pulled his breaths deeper into his lungs.

Billy traced the perimeter of the town’s square until the sidewalk led them to the white gazebo perched on manicured grass. He turned to lean against the structure and looked back at the pedestrians moving down the street. Stu wrinkled his face at Billy, whirling to the mundane street traffic and back, searching for the answer.

“One of them?” Stu hissed, leaning into Billy’s ear.

Billy chuckled and smirked. He remained against the gazebo, allowing Stu to twirl beside him.

“What about Randy?” Stu suggested. “That prick drives us both crazy.”

Billy pursed his lips, considering.

“Plus, he loves your woman.”

Billy snapped harsh eyes up to Stu, and Stu looked away, wiping his hands on his jeans.

“Randy is too close,” Billy replied. “It can’t be someone we know that well. Too easy to be linked to us.”
“It’s not a very big town. We kind of know everyone.”

Billy glared at Stu until Stu shrugged. They both turned their eyes back to the sidewalk. Sheriff Burke and Deputy Dewey Riley stepped out of the Police Station. Sheriff Burke marched to his Jeep while Dewey chased his steps, asking a flow of questions Billy and Stu could not hear.

“I doubt we have to worry about them,” Billy chuckled softly.

“Ha! Not at all, man.”

The sun glinted off the Post Office door, flickering at the boys. Billy craned his neck to watch Maureen Prescott burst out into the sunshine. His body tensed at the sight of her, and he stopped breathing. He monitored Stu in his peripherals to ensure Stu did not register his reaction. Maureen’s dark, wavy hair flowed behind her as she strutted down the street. Her striped shirt left one too many buttons loosed, exposing her bare chest.

There she was: the bitch who had ruined his life. The coals of his anger blazed into flames inside his chest. The sweat prickled along his brow at the heat wafting inside him. He shuddered in his façade.

“Oh, look, there’s Sidney’s mom.” Stu planted his arm above Billy’s head and brought his mouth toward Billy’s ear, jutting his chin toward Maureen.

The boys watched as Maureen encountered Principal Himbry on the street. The two began talking, and Maureen reached out to touch Himbry’s forearm. She tipped her head back and laughed as she did. Then she passed a hand through her hair. Billy flexed his jaw until his teeth ground together to control himself.

“She’s at it again,” Stu said.

Billy licked his lips and pursed them tight, crossing his arms over his chest to bundle himself in his own containment. The rage roiled in his chest, tingled down his arms. Yet he waited. He glared at Stu in anticipation. Stu stared stupidly at Maureen for long and painful moments.

He needed Stu to pick her. It had to be her, but Stu needed to say it. Billy could not glance in Maureen’s direction without the nauseating anger strangling him, but he could not let Stu see that. Stu had to see nonchalance. Stu had to see Maureen as the perfect random choice.

Finally, Stu’s face exploded with inspiration. He turned his eyes back to Billy wide enough to burst. Billy released a small, relieved breath.

“Her!” Stu exclaimed, consumed by the entire word, embodied by the idea.

Stu snapped his neck between Billy coolly against the gazebo post and Maureen still caressing Himbry’s arm.

“Maureen Prescott?” Billy tempered his voice.

“Yeah,” Stu whispered, close and conspiratorial again. “I mean, look at her, man. We would be doing her a favor.”

“And every wife in town,” Billy scoffed.


Continued on… Father Death (3)

Christina Bergling

Like my writing? Check out my books!

  • Followers – You never know who is on the other side of the screen. Followers is a mystery and thriller that blends women’s fiction with horror.
  • The Rest Will Come – Online dating would drive anyone to murder, especially Emma.
  • Savages – Two survivors search the ruins for the last strain of humanity. Until the discovery of a baby changes everything.
  • The Waning – Locked in a cage, Beatrix must survive to escape or be broken completely.
  • Screechers – Mutant monsters and humans collide in the apocalyptic fallout of a burned world. Co-authored with Kevin J. Kennedy.
  • Horror Anthologies


“What’s your favorite scary movie?” Billy Loomis laced his hands behind his head as he reclined long on the red couch.

Stu Macher knelt before the television in front of Billy, shuffling through video cassette tapes. At Billy’s question, he stopped and turned with tapes stacked in his gangly fingers.

“How could you ask me something like that, Billy?” Stu said. “You know it’s A Nightmare on Elm Street.”

“You can tell a lot about a person by their favorite scary movie.” Billy cast his eyes toward the ceiling.

Stu turned back to the TV stand and continued to sift through tapes.

“Don’t start on that shit again,” Stu said. “You’re starting to sound like Randy.”

“Don’t compare me to Randy.”

Billy lifted his head from his hands and stared into Stu until Stu acknowledged the hard edge in the gaze. Stu immediately shrugged sheepish and focused on his task. Billy looked down his nose at Stu as he replaced his head on the pillow and resumed studying the ceiling.

“Aha! Found it!” Stu finally called, lifting the black rectangle over his head in victory.

“Took long enough,” Billy muttered as he pressed himself up to sit.

“I was going to find it. I knew it was here.”

Stu slid the tape into the VCR. The machine sucked it in, and the television screen above flickered before the movie played. The iconic and familiar notes of the theme song tinkled through the room. Stu lowered himself onto the second sofa, casting his eyes to gauge Billy’s approval.

Halloween.” Billy smirked as the jack o’ lantern flickered onto the screen.

“A classic. Pure slasher.”

Stu leaned forward and gathered up the heaping bowl of popcorn, shoveling sloppy handfuls toward his wide mouth. Kernels bounced from his lips and littered around his feet on the hardwood floor. He chewed loud and open-mouthed, the butter slicking his lips. On the screen, slasher vision peered through young Michael’s mask as he lifted the knife over his unsuspecting older sister.

“Do they ever say why Michael offs his sister?” Stu asked between chomps.

“They don’t really say, but you can also assume it is because she is fucking her boyfriend instead of taking him trick-or-treating.”

Stu nodded and continued chewing.

“The best reason is no reason, though. It is the scariest with no motive. Just a teeny, tiny psychopath.” A light flickered in Billy’s eyes, beyond the reflection of murder from the screen.

“I showed Casey this movie the other night.”

“Oh yeah?” The light dimmed in Billy’s eyes. He continued to watch the movie.

“Yeah.” A grin slithered across Stu’s buttered lips. “Went down on her when Jamie is in the closet. Scary movies always put girls in the mood.”

Stu vibrated on his cushion, waiting for Billy’s reaction. Still entranced by the scenes, Billy coolly slid toward the edge of the couch.

“Are your parents gone for the night?”

“My parents are gone for the week, man.” Stu lay along his couch, popcorn bowl perched on his belly.

“Again? Think they’ll miss a couple of beers from the garage?”

The idea broke across Stu’s face slow before his eyes beamed with mischief.

“Nah, my old man never keeps track.”

“Go grab us a couple,” Billy commanded.

The smile faltered on Stu’s face and flickered for an instant before he stretched it tighter.

“Yeah, man, I’ll be right back.”

Stu placed the popcorn on the table and vaulted over the couch toward the kitchen. Billy watched him move toward the garage door before leaning forward to pluck a couple kernels from the bowl. He chewed them slow as he watched Laurie Strode and her friends wander down the fall street in Haddonfield.

“So, Sidney Prescott, man.” Stu tumbled over the back of the couch and spilled beside Billy.

“Yeah.” Billy snatched a beer bottle from his hand.

“How’s that going? She seems a little…uptight.”

Billy turned cold eyes to Stu. Then the corner of his lip turned up.

“Just getting started. She’s like Laurie here.” Billy tipped his beer at the screen. “Inexperienced, shy, like any good final girl. Just needs someone to break her in.”

Stu laughed, stretching his tongue out past his chin as he did. Billy granted him a chuckle in return. They clinked bottles and turned back to the screen. The Shape moved through a dark Halloween night, stalking foolish teenagers.

“So, everyone knows Michael is the killer in Halloween. No mystery there,” Stu said. “And if the sequels are any indication, it’s pretty clear that Michael can’t die, so there has to be something supernatural at play.”

Billy shrugged and nodded as he took a swig.

“He could never pull it off in real life, though. It would be roadblocks, cops with guns, and back to prison or dead.”

“And what fun would that be?”

“Exactly!” Stu threw out his hand to punctuate the point.

“Anonymity would be the key in real life.”

“Yeah, man. Michael wears the mask, but everyone already knows it’s Michael.”

“The mask should really conceal your identity. And if you really wanted to throw them off, there should be more than one of you.”

Billy turned to Stu to watch his reaction. It blossomed across Stu’s features. His eyes widened first, below furrowed brows. Then his lips parted before twisting into a perplexed grin.

“More than one?”

“Think about it.” Billy leaned toward Stu and tilted his head to the side. “What if there was more than one Michael? The cops would never know what was going on. They could have him in one car, and he could be killing someone somewhere else. Laurie would never be able to get away.”

Stu’s eyes grew with his grin. He crouched toward Billy and propped himself on his knees.

“Multiple killers,” Stu mused.

“Posing as one killer,” Billy finished.

“Oh, man!” Stu slapped his knee and threw himself back against the cushions. “It’s brilliant. Why hasn’t it been done yet?”

Billy broke the stare, smacked his lips, and pushed back against the cushions.

“The slasher genre is dead. Everything just became endless, ridiculous sequels. One more ridiculous than the next,” Billy answered, pressing his bottle against his lips.

Stu mirrored Billy and leaned into his couch.

“Well, someone needs to do it. Bring the genre back!”

“Yeah, they do.”

A thin smile graced Billy’s lips as he turned his gaze back to Halloween.

“Oh, sick, I love this part!” Stu exclaimed. “When he hangs the guy from the fucking knife.”

Stu popped his eyebrows at Billy, goading a reaction. Billy flicked his glance over them and back to the television, beer bottle resting against his chin. Stu released a slow breath and watched Billy a beat longer. Stu looked down at the popcorn then back at Billy.

“How are things with your folks?” Stu asked in a quiet voice.

Billy’s jaw flexed as he closed his eyes.

“Why the fuck would you ask me that?” Billy narrowed his eyes on Stu.

Stu shrank back, raising his hands in surrender.

“Sorry, man. I just know it’s been….” Stu hesitated as Billy’s glare intensified. “Rough. You can stay here tonight if you don’t want to listen to them. You want another beer or something?” Billy remained immobile. “I’ll get you another beer.”

Stu fled Billy’s smoldering stare back to the garage. Billy’s eyes trailed him before swinging back to Michael Myers carving through Laurie’s friends. He glared at the television screen, almost through it, seeing the scenes more in his memories than through his eyes. His lips twitched along with the memorized screams and dialog.

“Where’s my beer?… Cute, Bob. Real cute… Come here, you fool…. Can’t I get your ghost, Bob? All right, all right. So, where’s the beer?”

Stu pounced over the couch again, sneakers slapping the hardwood in his landing. He planted the fresh beer bottles on either side of the popcorn bowl.

“OK, Billy,” Stu started, the wicked grin replaced on his cheeks. “I want to play a game.”

“Don’t be stupid.” Billy smirked. “What kind of a game?”

“Truth or dare.”

The curl dropped from Billy’s lips, and he leveled his face with Stu’s.

“I thought you were going to say movie trivia. Truth.”

Stu beamed and threw out his arms in excitement. Then he settled back to perch on the cushion.

“If this was your scary movie,” Stu started, “who would you kill?”

Continued on… Father Death (2)

Welcome to my Billy/Stu retelling of Scream (1996). Stay tuned for additional chapters to be released here! Obviously, I have no affiliation with the franchise. This is free, totally not for profit fan fiction.

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It’s time. I’m ready to finally release my fan fiction project.

As you may recall, I was in a dark place last year (really, who wasn’t?). As a result of that or in addition to that, I hit the first real struggle in my writing since I started in elementary school. I feared I had fallen out of love with the craft, that it had been spoiled in my mind. So, for NaNoWriMo, I did a no-pressure passion project to reignite myself.

To do accomplish this lofty goal, I took myself back to where my love of horror began. My very first horror movie ever: Scream (1996).

Not to give too much away before I go and post the thing, I wrote the events of the first Scream movie (and a little extra) focusing on Billy and Stu.

So I’ve had this “book” since the end of November. But now it has been edited by someone other than myself, and I have decided to post it right here on this blog, just for fun. I couldn’t abide with it just rotting saved on a drive or in the cloud somewhere.

Now, I bring it to you. I hope to start posting chapters this week. I had fun with it and didn’t take it too seriously, so I would to hear how you think it lines up with the franchise. Come on, horror nerds, geek out with me!

Father Death is coming…

(And if you’re wondering about the title, “Father Death” is the name of the killers’ costume in the movie.)

Christina Bergling

Like my writing? Check out my books!

  • Followers – You never know who is on the other side of the screen. Followers is a mystery and thriller that blends women’s fiction with horror.
  • The Rest Will Come – Online dating would drive anyone to murder, especially Emma.
  • Savages – Two survivors search the ruins for the last strain of humanity. Until the discovery of a baby changes everything.
  • The Waning – Locked in a cage, Beatrix must survive to escape or be broken completely.
  • Screechers – Mutant monsters and humans collide in the apocalyptic fallout of a burned world. Co-authored with Kevin J. Kennedy.
  • Horror Anthologies