Previously on… Father Death (2)


Sidney’s hand lingered in Billy’s as they exited the movie theater. Billy felt her pulse faint as it throbbed in the digits. She walked close to him. The feeling of her body brushing against him with each step licked an excitement along Billy’s nerves. Excitement that baited the anticipation for the rest of the evening.

“What did you think?” Billy asked, squeezing Sidney’s hand and tugging her closer.

Sidney grimaced then flashed a dazzling smile, covering her teeth with her other hand as she giggled.

“You didn’t like it?” Billy leaned toward her.

Sidney laughed again. “It was so weird. And gross.”

Billy smiled back and swiped his fingers over his chin. “I supposed you haven’t seen the other Texas Chainsaw movies. You didn’t see much of this one since you kept covering your eyes.”

“I saw him crush a head with his mechanical leg! That was enough.”

Billy stopped walking and drew Sidney into him. He wrapped his arms around her and brought his lips to hers. Sidney responded and kissed him back. She parted her lips gently to allow him to slip his tongue into her mouth. Tasting her, Billy’s kiss grew deeper as he gripped at Sidney. Sidney withdrew with a playful laugh and planted her hands on Billy’s shoulders. When she disconnected from him, she glanced around to see if anyone was watching them.

“What time do you need to be home?” Billy breathed into her hair.

“My mom is expecting me at eleven.”

“Your dad is gone again?”

Sidney nodded.

“Another work trip?”

Sidney nodded again.

“Then we have some time.”

Billy hooked his arm around Sidney’s shoulder and brought his mouth to her neck. She cried out yet circled her arm around his waist as they walked to his car.

Billy opened the passenger’s door for Sidney. After she eased in, he closed the door behind her. With Sidney encased in his vehicle, a swell of excitement tickled along his nerves again. It tangled with the rage consistently smoldering in his chest.

He wanted Sidney. He wanted to take it out on Sidney.

He stopped for a moment and pressed his palm into the cool metal of the car. He closed his eyes to feel his feet against the pavement, the night air on his cheeks. When his heart climbed out of his throat, he hurried around the bumper and dropped into the driver’s seat.

Billy navigated the narrow, darkened streets. He drove them up a winding road past Sidney’s house to a small overlook on the hill. He parked and turned off the engine, turning to Sidney.

“What do you expect to happen here, stud bucket?” Sidney laughed.

“I wouldn’t dream of taking your virginity in a car, Sid.” Billy glanced down in his lap then brought serious eyes up to Sidney. “But we can still have some fun.”

Sidney looked at Billy through the fringe of her bangs. A sly smile crept across her lips as pink warmed her cheeks. Billy’s grin turned predatory as his hands slid to either side of Sidney’s face and pulled her into him.

Billy pressed hungry lips into Sidney’s, opening his mouth immediately. As he inhaled her breath, he guided her back in her seat and reached around to pull the lever beside the door. He kept his lips moving against hers as he shoved his feet into her floorboards and lay his body along hers. Sidney emitted a surprised giggle yet welcomed him with her hands firm against his back.

Billy’s heart pounded in a focused rhythm. The nerves on his skin arched toward Sidney’s heat, the feeling of her below him. He felt the frantic need to push her, to take her rising from beneath his constant rage. He exhaled steadily through his nose against her face to steady himself. He concentrated on moving his hands over her body and feeling how she reacted to his touch.

She wanted him. She wasn’t leaving. She wasn’t saying no.

Billy slid his hands into Sidney’s shirt, moving his fingers along the warm skin of her stomach. Her belly undulated at his touch. He moved his mouth to her neck as one hand wandered up to toy at the lace of her bra while the other descended to tug at her jeans. A low gasp escaped Sidney’s mouth as her head fell back.

Billy waited a breath for her objection. Then he loosed the button and struggled her zipper down, willing the frenzy out of his fingers. His hips fell into an unconscious rhythm as he moved his mouth back to hers, and he pushed his hand into her pants.

“Billy,” Sidney said.

Billy moaned soft in response and pressed his hand against her.

“Billy!” Sidney pressed her hands into his shoulders in a slight shove.

Billy retracted his hand and snapped his head up. His muddled mind screeched to a halt as the heat on his skin broiled differently. He glared up at Sidney.

“It’s 10:55,” she giggled.

Billy whirled around to the clock on the dashboard, the anger throbbing in his temples. The numbers mocked him in their glow. He dropped his head to Sidney’s chest in a pitiful whimper. She laughed and slid her hands into his hair, kissing his head.

“Hurry,” she said into his hair. “You have to get me home to make curfew.”

Billy groaned again. “You’ll be the death of me,” he said, shifting over the center console and back into the driver’s seat.

Sidney reached over and took his hand as he followed the winding road back to her house. Billy’s skin flinched away from her touch, wanting to coil down into his rage. She was choosing to go home over him. Yet he breathed and plastered the smoldering smile on his face. He packed all his desire to fuck her into an understanding grin.

Billy rolled the car to a stop in front of Sidney’s house, the massive structure and immaculate lawn emblazoned by the excessive exterior lighting. Sidney disengaged her seatbelt and tilted her chin, regarding Billy through her bangs. Billy reflected the sultry smile she offered. As Sidney leaned in, he wrapped around her and looked over her shoulder to watch a figure slip from the front door of the house.

Billy watched the man casually and confidently stride across the front porch and vault over the side rail. He landed effortlessly in the grass and took brisk strides over the grass, hustling to his car, which must have been parked unassumingly down the street.

Billy recognized the man immediately: Cotton Weary.

Cotton Weary, who owned the hardware store. Everyone knew him. Everyone recognized him. Maureen probably met him and initiated their affair by buying light bulbs or nails while her husband was on the road yet again.

Cotton’s slicked-back hair curled at the ends right above the collar of his coat. He tugged and adjusted the coat as he jogged.

Joy snatched him so quickly that he nearly squeezed Sidney. He had to temper his grin before Sidney slid from their embrace to bring her face to his. He kissed her hard and deep with all the passion of how everything was falling perfectly into place.

“I had fun tonight,” Sidney said, pulling back to her seat and reaching for the door handle.

“Oh yeah?” Billy smirked. “Exploding heads and blue balls.”

“Hey, maybe that’s what they’ll call the sequel.”

Sidney laughed and flashed her wide smile to Billy once more before exiting the car and moving to the house. She offered one more wave before disappearing inside. Billy’s grin remained as he steered the car back onto the dark street.

“Stu, are you even listening to me?” Tatum Riley shot up from the couch cushion and whirled toward Stu.

“Of course, I am.” Stu reached forward and gathered Tatum under his arm. “This movie is just really funny, and my brain can only process so much Major Payne yelling and you talking at the same time.”

Tatum glared at Stu but settled against him, turning her eyes back to the screen.

“Randy tried to get me to take A Nightmare on Elm Street, but I went straight for the New Releases,” Stu said.

“No. No splatter movie shit.”

“See, I knew that.” Stu reached down and tipped Tatum’s chin up to kiss her.

“If you had brought home Nightmare, you definitely would not have been getting any nookie.”

“Wait, I’m getting nookie?” Stu straightened and turned to Tatum.

Tatum laughed and hooked her nail on her bottom teeth.

“Stu Macher! We have been dating for like five minutes. How easy do you think I am?”

“I was hoping for pretty easy.” Stu shrugged.

Tatum shrieked and slapped Stu’s shoulder. Stu wrapped his long arms around her and wrestled her back against the cushions. As they tussled, the credits began to roll over the screen.

“That’s my cue,” Tatum sang, unearthing herself from beneath Stu and standing.

Stu snagged her hand and tilted his gaze up at her from the cushion. “You don’t have to go. My folks aren’t home.”

“Are you folks ever home?”

Tatum smirked as she bent down to kiss Stu goodbye. Then she bounced out the front door to her red Beetle.

Billy watched her leave the house and drive away before pulling his own car in front of Stu’s house and climbing out. Billy entered the house without knocking, knowing Stu’s parents were away, as always. He found Stu where Tatum had left him, ejecting the tape without kindly rewinding Major Payne. Stu figured that was Randy’s job.

Billy loomed behind the couch, watching Stu’s unsuspecting back until Stu finally turned around and noticed him. Stu startled at first. Then his face brightened at seeing Billy.

“Hey, man.” Stu attempted to smile coolly, rising from his knees.

Billy could not contain his grin.

“What are you so happy about? Sid finally give it up?”

Billy’s face fell slack before recovering. “Better.”

Stu slid onto the couch cushion in front of Billy. “What’s better than that?”

“I found our fall guy.”

Continued on… Father Death (4)

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