How do you feel about holiday horror? Does horror belong in this festive season? In this mini vlog, I talk about my three Christmas horror short stories.

“The Last Christmas Dinner” in Collected Christmas Horror Shorts:…/dp/1540677222/

“Duende” In Collected Christmas Horror Shorts II:…/dp/B07GJS79RL/

“Santa’s Workshop” in Haunted Holidays:

Christina Bergling

  1. I like holiday Horror when it sneaks up on you… When it is “framed” to be Holiday Horror and promoted it seems…trite…. Yet at the same time, I like to have a few anthologies lying about at Holiday times to escape from all of the commercialism and try to recapture the “folk essence” of Holiday origins… because therein lies the murky dark of Horror that really gets under the skin!


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